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At Gamers XP, we strive to be your premier destination for all things tabletop gaming. We ae passionate about bringing captivating adventures and thrilling narratives to life through the power of tabletop role-playing games, and aim to be your haven for a wide array of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) experiences that cater to all levels of expertise, from beginners to seasoned adventurers.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a store, but a vibrant hub of tabletop gaming culture. We offer an extensive selection of D&D campaigns and events that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you're a seasoned dungeon delver or a new recruit to the world of fantasy, you're sure to find an adventure that suits your style.

We have outlined the captivating D&D experiences you can find at Gamers XP for you below. It's time to dive into the realms of imagination, embark on epic quests, and create unforgettable stories with our welcoming community of fellow gamers.


Tailored Adventures

While meeting fellow players at store events can be exciting, we understand that sometimes you want a truly personalized and immersive tabletop experience. That's why we offer Private Campaigns – a unique opportunity to embark on tailored adventures crafted specifically for you and your group.

Whether you're a fan of the tried and true D&D 5e system, a veteran of Pathfinder or enjoy the novelty of Pathfinder 2.0, a Star Wars Saga enthusiast, a lover of existential horror like that available in Ten Candles, or looking to dive into the futuristic world of Cyberpunk Red, Gamers XP has you covered. Our diverse offering of systems ensures you can choose the one that best fits your preferred style of play. If you're interested in other role-playing systems, feel free to reach out - we're always open to accommodating your tabletop needs.

Your journey through these uncharted worlds is guided by our experienced Dungeon Masters (DMs). These storytelling maestros are passionate about weaving intricate narratives, challenging your wit, and ensuring your experience is as memorable as it is enjoyable.

In a Private Campaign, the story is yours to shape. Your DM will work closely with you to understand your preferences, character backgrounds, and desired plotlines. This tailored approach guarantees that every session is engaging and personalized, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you uncover mysteries, confront adversaries, and make choices that resonate throughout your adventure.

Our Private Campaigns offer exceptional value at $150 for a four-hour session. This pricing ensures you have ample time to immerse yourself in the story, interact with fellow adventurers, and experience the world in-depth, all under the guidance of an experienced DM. Whether you're gathering your fellow role-players for a special occasion, a regular game night, or just a spontaneous adventure, the Private Campaigns at Gamers XP promise a truly unforgettable experience.


Sunday Dungeons and Dragons Offerings

At Gamers XP, we believe that the power of D&D should be accessible to all. That's why we've curated two special Sunday D&D experiences to cater to adventurers of all ages and experience levels.

Kids D&D at 2pm: 

On Sunday afternoons, we invite young adventurers to join us for a magical journey in Kids D&D. Our younger heroes, aged 8 to 16, can experience the wonder of the tabletop realm in a specially crafted environment designed just for them. For just $10 per session they can immerse themselves in a world of fantasy, teamwork, and imagination. In our Kids D&D sessions, children can become the heroes of their own stories under the guidance of our friendly and experienced DMs. These one-shots are carefully tailored to be suitable for adventurers of levels 1 to 4, allowing kids to explore the limitless possibilities of the D&D universe in a safe a welcoming atmosphere.

Beginners D&D at 6pm: 

For those new to the world of tabletop role-playing, or simply seeking a welcoming, relaxed environment to enjoy D&D, our Beginners D&D sessions are the perfect choice. Held on Sunday evenings at 6pm, these one-shot adventures are designed for aspiring adventurers aged 16 and above, regardless of experience. With an entry fee of just $10 per session, these events are not only affordable but also provide an exceptional introduction to the world of D&D. Weekly sessions cater to levels 1 to 4, ensuring that beginners have a gradual and engaging learning experience as they begin to explore the world of tabletop roleplaying games.

Our Sunday D&D offerings are about creating spaces where every adventurer can embark on their own heroic journey.


Premium Campaign: Crescentia Uncharted

Prepare to embark on a unique and captivating adventure that's exclusive to Gamers XP—our 4th in-store premium campaign, "Crescentia Uncharted." This campaign promises to be an exceptional journey filled with exploration, discovery, and rebirth. It sets itself apart from the rest with its fascinating narrative and the opportunity to compete for fame and glory, making it a store-exclusive experience like no other.

Schedule Fit for All Adventurers:

At Gamers XP, we understand that adventurers have varying schedules. That's why "Crescentia Uncharted" offers sessions on both Mondays and Tuesdays at 6pm. The best part? Each session is priced at a wallet-friendly $10, so you can enjoy this premium campaign without breaking the bank.

A Journey of Epic Proportions:

"Crescentia Uncharted" starts at Level 1, offering players a unique opportunity to grow their characters from humble beginnings into powerful heroes. The campaign extends all the way to Level 17, ensuring that adventurers have ample room for character development and exploration.

Compete for Glory:

One of the most exciting aspects of "Crescentia Uncharted" is the competitive element it introduces. As part of the campaign, you'll join one of the player-organized Guilds, and it's your task to help your Guild rise to prominence. Players will strive to attain fame and glory for their respective Guilds as they battle through a world still reeling from Ratcliffe's brief reign over the Nine Hells. It's a chance for adventurers to truly leave their mark on the world of Crescentia.

Player-Driven Exploration:

What truly sets "Crescentia Uncharted" apart is its adherence to a true Westmarches style of play. In this campaign, the map unfolds as the continent of Crescentia is explored, and every decision rests in the hands of the players. It's an open-world experience where adventurers have the freedom to carve their path through history, shaping the narrative as they go. The world is your oyster, and every choice you make can alter the course of the story. With "Crescentia Uncharted," you become the author of your own epic tale, filled with countless adventures, challenges, and a chance to leave a legendary mark on the world.Join us on Monday, December 4th for our free session zero. Meet your fellow players, craft your character, and join your guild. Session Zero is the perfect time to learn more about the setting of Crescentia, familiarize yourself with the Gamers XP House Rules, and learn what to expect from this year-long adventure. We can’t wait to see you there!


At Gamers XP, we've built a magical realm where your imagination knows no bounds, and your journey begins anew with every roll of the dice. We've taken you through an enchanting realm of D&D offerings – from private campaigns custom-tailored to your desires, to Sunday's enchanting one-shots suitable for adventurers of all ages and experience levels, right down to the start of a new chapter in our ongoing premium campaign, "Crescentia Uncharted."

Our doors are open, and we're inviting you to become part of these captivating stories and rich worlds we're crafting together. Embrace the immersive narratives, explore uncharted territories, and forge friendships and rivalries in epic battles.

Whether you're an experienced veteran or brand new to tabletop gaming, our diverse D&D opportunities offer a place for every adventurer. So, grab your dice, gather your companions, and embark on an unforgettable journey with us at Gamers XP. Your next adventure awaits, and your story is yet to be written.

Keep reading to see what we offer for Dungeons and Dragons events, and how to get involved!

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